Paraset transmitter-receiver set -- the WWII spy radio -- This is a great suppliment for "The Red Orchestra" by V.E. Tarrant which surprisingly does not have any photos of the transmitters used by the spies.

The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy -- by William G. Pierpont NØHFF, Third Revised Edition July 6, 2ØØ1 -- A classic work on how to learn Morse Code.

Zen and the Art of Radio Telegraphy -- by Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ, Rev. 20100209 -- Another great work on how to learn Morse Code.

Improving Morse Code Proficiency; Tricks of the Trade Overcoming Common Problems, by J. A. (Jack) Ritter W0UCE -- The title speaks for itself!

Resource_Exchange_User_Manual -- by N1QX -- This is the user's manual for the Resource Exchange (access is on the home page of this website).

A Compilation of the Filthest Jokes in Ham Radio History (including "Dirty Eddie"!) -- by E. R. Emjr, III -- Shocking, but true. . .

The ARISS proposal guide -- required reading for the ARISS Committee. Presented by AI2Q "Read the Proposal."

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