Here are some links to various NERDS presentations, notes, and education sessions.  

WWII B-24 Bombers Alex Mendelsohn, AI2Q, Feb. 19, 2019 The construction of the B-24. 32 slides
VHF Contesting Dave Olean, K1WHS, Nov. 27, 2018 Dave walks us through the grueling competition of VHF contesting. 55 slides
New Uses for RF Alex Mendelsohn, AI2Q, Oct 16, 2018 AI through the walls and drones keeping an eye on all
DSPs Alex Mendelsohn, AI2Q May 29, 2018 Everything you wanted to know about DSP -- 32 slides
"Antenna Basics" Alex Mendelsohn, AI2Q May 1, 2018 Learn about antennas from the ground up!  -- 29 slides
"Dealing with RFI" Dave Olean, K1WHS April 3, 2018 Grounding, bonding, and dealing with that "Pin 1 problem"; it's all covered by K1WHS  -- 42 slides
"Grounding and Bonding" George Whitehead, W1BOF March 20, 2018 The first five slides of W1BOF's kick-off of the topic on RFI in the shack and how to eliminate it
"Electronics for Amateur Radio" Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q, John Nowacki W3NA, George Whitehead W1BOF  5 part course evolving in five phases: (1) DC electricity, (2) AC electricity, (3) vacuum tube and solid-state devices, (4) basic practical applications, and (5) elementary digital electronics
"Receiver Specs"    Richard duFosse, AA1EF     January 17, 2017 Richard gets into the details of what to expect from our transceivers and what to look for when in the market for new or used equipment.   36 Slides
Receiver Specs References Richard duFosse, AA1EF     January 17, 2017 Richard's reference list for the Receiver Specs presentation
Smith Chart Richard duFosse, AA1EF     April 25, 2017 In depth study of the Smith Chart
Smith Chart References Richard duFosse, AA1EF     April 25, 2017 Richard's references for this presentation