Electronics for Amateur Radio                
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DC Circuits - Power Point (47 slides) July 23, 2016 What is electricity?  What is current?  Learn about Direct Current series circuits and parallel circuits.  
Assignment 08092016 August 9, 2016 Calculate the resistance in this problem
Power Analysis (sheet 1)   Power Analysis (sheet 2) August 9, 2016 Alex's step-by-step notes for August 9, 2016 assignment
Power Transfer - Power Point (20 slides)  August 23, 2016 Power, Watts, Ohm's Law, and some practical problems in Power Point/Google Slide format  (Slide 5 is being corrected!)
Assignment 08232016 August 23, 2016 Please bring the answer and diagrams to the next meeting!
Assignment 08232016 Extra Points! August 23, 2016 George, W1BOF, presents us with a practical problem involving resistors
Assignment 08232016 Extra Points Solution August 23, 2016 Here's the solution to the Assignment 08232016 Extra Points problem.  Thanks, George!
AC Circuits - Power Point (20 slides) September 6, 2016 The Nuts and Volts of AC Current
AC Circuits Part 2 - Power Point (21 slides) September 20, 2016 Alex gets us deeper into AC Current
AC Circuits Reactance -  Power Point (38 slides) October 4, 2016 Inductors, capacitors, and introduction to reactance
AC Circuits Parallel  LC Circuit - Power Point (29 slides) October 18, 2016 We learn more about inductive and capacitive reactance in parallel circuit and then get in to the formulas for determining Power Factor 
Review L and C Parallel, Impedance, Reactance, Transformers (33 slides) November 1, 2016 A review of L and C parallel circuits and an introduction to transformers
Diodes, Rectifiers, and Power Supplies (57 slides) November 15, 2016 Diodes, recitifiers and power supplies
Zener Diodes (11 slides) Nov 29 and Dec 6 How the Zener diode works
Transistors (49 slides) December 13, 2016 Introduction to transistors and how they work - Part I
Amplifiers - Power Point Supplement January 10, 2017 This explanation by Alex helps to understand the Power Point used in the class on January 10, 2017 (NOTE: the Power Point has not yet been uploaded to this page - it's coming!)
Amplifiers, Gain - (30 slides) January 24, 2017

 Emitter/source/cathode bypass presentation (here's the Power Point upload promised last week)   

BJT and FET Transistors February 21, 2017 Bipolar Junction and Field-effect transistors and more!
Differential amplifiers February 28, 2017 Diff amps
Operational amplifier March 21, 2017 All about Op-amps
Oscillators March 28, 2017 An introduction to oscillators
PLLs and DDSs April 4, 2017 Phase-locked loops and direct digital synthesizers
Receivers April 11, 2017 Receivers and mixers
Digital   (26 slides) April 25, 2017 Digital
Flip-Flops part A   (13 slides) May 2, 2017 Flip-Flops
Flip-Flops part B May 9, 2017 More about Flip-Flops!
Frequency Counters May 9, 2017 The electronics of counters
Analog to Digital May 23, 2017 Analog to Digital Conversion  -- The final topic of AI2Q's Electronics for Amateur Radio. Thanks from all the NERDS to Alex - AI2Q, George - W1BOF, and John W3NA