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Welcome to the NERDS Resource Exchange. This is the brainchild of WB2UQP. Members have made the following items available for borrowing, sale or donation. Other Exchange items include skills to share and requests for assistance. Browse as you wish then select one of the following actions:

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  • Recommended borrowing period: two (2) weeks.
  • Identify your item with your name/phone number prior to lending.
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to return all items in good condition and on time.
  • NERDS is not responsible for loss or damage to loaned items.
  • Note: If the item is listed as not available, you may still request it and you will be put on a waiting list.

  • Books and Magazines

    Item # Book or Magazine Author # Publication Available?
    1 Get on the Air with HF Digital Steve Ford, WB8IMY 2017 Y
    2 Grand Canyon QSO Walker A. Tompkins, K6ATX 1987 Y
    3 The Red Orchestra V.E. Tarrant 1996 Y
    4 Even More Wire Antenna Classics - Volume 3 ARRL 2016 Y
    5 Newark Element14 Newark 2018 Y
    15 How To Use An Oscilloscope David Herres, Editor, Design World magazine 2018 Y
    17 Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs Paul Danzer, N1II 2015 Y
    18 The ARRL Operating Manual, 9th Edition ARRL Publication 2010 Y
    19 Portable Operating for Amateur Radio Stuart Thomas / ARRL 2018 Y
    20 Understanding Basic Electronics Walter Banzhaf, WB1ANE / ARRL 2014 Y
    21 ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2002 Dana George Reed, KD1CW (Editor) 2002 Y
    24 QRP Basics George Dobbs, G3RJV 2012 N
    26 The Secret in Building 26 Jim Debrosse & Colin Burke 2004 Y
    27 The Invention that Changed the World Robert Budieri 1997 Y
    28 Crystal Clear The struggle for reliable communications technology in World War II Richard J. Thompson Jr. 2012 Y
    34 Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur H. Ward Silver, N0AX 2017 Y

    Recorded Materials

    Item # Book or Magazine Author # Publication Available?


    Item # Tool Manufacturer Production Date Description Available?


    Item # Equipment Manufacturer Production Date Description Available?
    6 Digital Multimeter Radio Shack 2010 46-range measures voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and more. Has a PC interface. Y
    7 MFJ-226 Graphical Antenna Impedance Analyzer MFJ 1-230 MHz range, single or swept frequency modes, graphics, PC interface. Y
    9 Antenna analyzer Comet 2015 CAA-500 1.8-500 MHz Y
    32 Signal generator Hewlett Packard HP-606A 1959 50 kHz to 65 MHz AM signal generator for testing receivers. Has 400 and 1000 Hz modulation. This is a large unit and not very portable, but a good laboratory old time piece of gear. The 606 series was produced up to 1981. Y
    31 Feeny 316 stainless steel twisted cable Feeny Three lengths (+/- 9' (2), +/-15') Feeny 316 stainless steel twisted cable. Some threaded ends. Will bring to NERDS meeting for delivery. First come, first served. GONE!

    Requested Items or Assistance

    Item # NERDS Member Looking for Assistance
    23 Looking for a Book: Anyone have "QRP Basics" by George Dobbs, G3RJV? Prefer the 2012 (2nd) edition but happy to look at earlier one. Thanks.

    Skills or Assistance Offered

    Item # Skill or Help Offered
    11 RF testing of all types to include antennas, filters, dummy loads, etc. I have a pretty good assortment of test equipment suitable for checking ham gear. Check frequency accuracy, sensitivity, power output etc. I can even measure noise figure of VHF and microwave preamps. Have a vector network analyzer good to 6 GHz. Scalar analyzer to 18 GHz. They do not get much use. Contact K1WHS (in between fishing!)
    30 Happy to help out with antenna work or station set up. W3NA

    For Sale

    Item # Equipment Manufacturer Production Date Description Price
    33 FOR SALE...400-500 feet of #14 copper clad steel antenna wire NOS 400-500 feet of #14 copper clad steel antenna wire. New but has been in storage for a couple years in my garage. 39.00

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