Ethics and Procedures for Radio Amateur Edition 3 June 2010 -- copyright by John Devoldere ON4UN and Mark Demeuleneere ON4WW, used by permission. Ethics and Procedures are not dead! We adhere to these principles to maintain order and civility, otherwise we stand the threat of losing our on-air privileges.

The Magic in the Quarter Wave -- By Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q -- Alex introduces us to Eli the Ice Man.

Paraset transmitter-receiver set -- the WWII spy radio -- This is a great suppliment for "The Red Orchestra" by V.E. Tarrant which surprisingly does not have any photos of the transmitters used by the spies.

The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy -- by William G. Pierpont NØHFF, Third Revised Edition July 6, 2ØØ1 -- A classic work on how to learn Morse Code.

Zen and the Art of Radio Telegraphy -- by Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ, Rev. 20100209 -- Another great work on how to learn Morse Code.

Improving Morse Code Proficiency; Tricks of the Trade Overcoming Common Problems, by J. A. (Jack) Ritter W0UCE -- The title speaks for itself!

Resource_Exchange_User_Manual -- by N1QX -- This is the user's manual for the Resource Exchange (access is on the home page of this website).

Pixie 40 meter QRP kit, version 4.1 -- helpful notes and information that DIDN'T come with your kit from China. You are welcome. . .

The ARISS proposal guide -- required reading for the ARISS Committee. Presented by AI2Q "Read the Proposal."

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