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NERDS Club Talks



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Description Slides Date
1 Smith Chart References.pdf Richard duFosse, AA1EF References for this presentation in PDF format 1 2017-04-25
2 Smith Chart.pdf Richard duFosse, AA1EF In depth study of the Smith Chart 30 2017-04-25
3 Receiver Specs References.pdf Richard duFosse, AA1EF Reference list for the Receiver Specs presentation 2 2017-01-17
4 Receiver Specs.pdf Richard duFosse, AA1EF Richard gets into the details of what to expect from our transceivers and what to look for when in the market for new or used equipment. 36 2017-01-17
6 Grounding and Bonding.pdf George Whitehead, W1BOF The first five slides from W1BOF kick-off of the topic on RFI in the shack and how to eliminate it 5 2018-03-20
7 Dealing with RFI.pdf Dave Olean, K1WHS Grounding, bonding, and dealing with that pin one problem 42 2018-04-03
8 Antenna Basics.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Learn about antennas from the ground up! 29 2018-05-01
9 DSPs.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Everything you wanted to know about DSP 32 2018-05-29
10 New Uses for RF.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q AI through the walls and drones keeping an eye on all 22 2018-10-16
11 VHF Contesting.pdf Dave Olean, K1WHS Dave walks us through the grueling competition of VHF contesting. 55 2018-11-27
12 WWII B-24 Bombers.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q The construction of the B-24. 32 2019-02-19
13 Electronics for Amateur Radio Introduction.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q, John Nowacki W3NA, George Whitehead W1BOF 5 part course evolving in five phases: (1) DC electricity, (2) AC electricity, (3) vacuum tube and solid-state devices, (4) basic practical applications, and (5) elementary digital electronics 1 2016-07-23
14 Electronics for Amateur Radio DC Circuits.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q, John Nowacki W3NA, George Whitehead W1BOF (1.a) What is electricity? What is current? Learn about Direct Current series circuits and parallel circuits. 47 2016-07-23
15 Electronics for Amateur Radio Assignment 1.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q (1.b) Calculate the resistance in this problem. Answer provided. 3 2016-08-09
16 Electronics for Amateur Radio Power Transfer.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q (1.c) Power, Watts, Ohms Law, and some practical problems. 20 2016-08-23
17 Electronics for Amateur Radio Assignment 1a.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Please bring the answer and diagrams to the next meeting. 2 2016-08-23
18 Electronics for Amateur Radio Temporary.pdf George Whitehead W1BOF A practical problem involving resistors 1 2016-08-23
19 Electronics for Amateur Radio Temporary.pdf George Whitehead, W1BOF The solution to assignment 3 1 2016-08-23
20 Electronics for Amateur Radio AC Circuits Part 1.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q (2.a) The nuts and volts of AC Current 20 2016-09-06
21 Electronics for Amateur Radio AC Circuits Part 2.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q (2.b) More about AC Current 21 2016-09-20
22 Electronics for Amateur Radio Reactance.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q (2.c) Inductors, capacitors, and introduction to reactance 38 2016-10-04
23 Electronics for Amateur Radio Parallel LC Circuit.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q (2.d) Inductive and capacitive reactance in parallel circuit and formulas for determining Power Factor. 29 2016-10-18
24 Electronics for Amateur Radio Transformers.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q (2.e) A review of L and C parallel circuits and an introduction to transformers. 33 2016-11-01
25 Electronics for Amateur Radio Diodes.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Diodes, rectifiers, and power supplies 57 2016-11-15
26 Electronics for Amateur Radio Zener Diodes.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q How the Zener diode works 11 2016-11-29
27 Electronics for Amateur Radio Transistors.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Introduction to transistors and how they work. 49 2016-12-13
28 Electronics for Amateur Radio Amplifier Gain.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Emitter source cathode bypass (Item 29 offers more details to this topic) 30 2017-01-10
29 Electronics for Amateur Radio Temporary.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q This helps to understand the topic covered in Item 28 1 2017-01-24
30 Electronics for Amateur Radio BJT and FET.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Bipolar Junction and Field effect transistors and more! 19 2017-02-21
31 Electronics for Amateur Radio Differential Amplifiers.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Diff amps 20 2017-02-28
32 Electronics for Amateur Radio Op Amps.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Op amps 19 2017-03-21
33 Electronics for Amateur Radio Oscillators.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Oscillators 21 2017-03-28
34 Electronics for Amateur Radio PLL and DDS.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Phase locked loops and direct digital synthesizers 9 2017-04-04
35 Electronics for Amateur Radio Receivers.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Receivers and mixers 29 2017-04-11
36 Electronics for Amateur Radio Digital.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Digital 26 2017-04-25
37 Electronics for Amateur Radio Flip-Flops Part A.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Flip-Flops 13 2017-05-02
38 Electronics for Amateur Radio Flip-Flops Part B.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q More about Flip-Flops 16 2017-05-09
39 Electronics for Amateur Radio Frequency Counters.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q The electronics of frequency counters 38 2017-05-09
40 Electronics for Amateur Radio Analog to Digital.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Analog to Digital conversion -- final topic in this course. Thanks from all NERDS to Alex AI2Q, George W1BOF, and John W3NA 24 2017-05-23
41 Electrical Data Communications.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q History of the evolution of data communications 77 2017-09-01
42 Geomagnetic Weather.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Geomagnetic Weather 37 2018-01-01
43 Frequency Counters.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q Frequency counters 45 2012-01-01
44 Soldering Basics for Amateur Radio.pdf Alex Mendelsohn AI2Q All about soldering, equipment and techniques 32 05/14/2019
45 Marconi.pdf Alex, AI2Q Did Marconi really do what the history books say he did? 31 2019-09-03
46 packetradio.pdf Alex Mendelsohn, AI2Q Packet radio on 2 meters 54 2020/02/04
49 SDR Overview.pdf Alex, AI2Q A brief SDR overview 53 2021-11-30
48 geoweather.pdf Alex, AI2Q Space weather 40 2021-07-01
50 Elements affecting ham bands.pdf Tom, KB1VPD Tom covers the factors affecting ham bands 77 2022-05-01

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